Wind Mitigation Inspections

What are wind mitigation inspections?

Wind Mitigation InspectionsWind mitigation inspections are used to determine how well your house’s structure can withstand high wind speeds. Based on your wind mitigation inspection, you may qualify for discounts on your windstorm insurance after submitting the results of the inspection to your insurer. In the state of Florida, certain favorable wind mitigation features may qualify for premium discounts that are mandated by State law. Typically, most existing Florida homes have one or more construction features that will qualify homeowners for discounts on their windstorm insurance premium discounts. Some homeowners may qualify for savings as high as 45% of the original policy’s premium.

Wind mitigation inspections are based on 8 key categories:

  1. Roof Covering: When was the roof installed? Does it meet build codes?
  2. Roof Deck Attachment: What type of roof decking is used? How if the roof decking attached to the structure of the house (e.g. nailed or stapled)?
  3. Roof to Wall Attachment: Are roof trusses attached with nails or hurricane clips? Are the wraps single or double? Homeowners typically see increased savings when the roof is more secure.
  4. Roof Geometry: How is your roof shaped (e.g. flat, mono-pitched, pent, gable, a-frame, hip, etc.)? A hip roof is a likely qualifier for a discount on your windstorm insurance.
  5. Gable End Bracing: If the roof is a gable style, are the gable ends braced to Florida Building Code standards? Gable ends that measure longer than 48” should be braced for reinforcement.
  6. Wall Construction Type: What materials of construction were used for framing, reinforcement, and outer fascia? What percentages?
  7. Secondary Water Barrier: Is a second water barrier installed? If your roof was installed or upgraded before 2008, it’s unlikely this barrier was included.
  8. Opening Protection: Are shutters and protection devices from wind-borne debris for doors and windows installed? What are they rated? Are all of the shutters and devices hurricane rated?

Not sure if your home will qualify for any discounts? Contact RH Associates today to schedule a wind mitigation inspection and find out. We stand ready to serve you!