4-Point Inspections

What is a 4-point inspection?

4-Point InspectionsA 4-point inspection is a small-scale house inspection. 4-point inspections focus on four main areas in the house:

  1. Electrical System: What is the current condition of the electrical system? What is the brand of the electrical panel? What type of wiring is utilized throughout the home (e.g. copper, aluminum, knob or tube)?
  2. Heating and Cooling System: How old is the AC system? Does the home feature central heat and air? Does the system have any leaks?
  3. Plumbing System: How old is the hot water heater? What type of supply and drain lines are used (e.g. copper, CPVC, galvanized, lead, polybutylene, etc.)? Does the system contain any leaks?
  4. Roof: How old is the roof? What is the current condition of the roof? What are the materials of construction (e.g. singles, tile, rolled, etc.)? Are shingles missing? Is the roof leaking?

Why is a 4-point inspection beneficial?

4-point inspections are typically conducted on houses that were constructed 40 or more years ago. Insurance companies often fear an older house could become a liability for them. Knowing the status of your electrical, AC and plumbing systems along with the state of your roof can help you obtain fair homeowner’s insurance rates. This inspection may be required by your insurance provider prior to purchasing an older home.

Can a house fail a 4-point inspection?

If your roof or electrical, AC and/or plumbing systems have any issues and/or don’t meet your insurance company’s specific requirements, the house may fail the 4-point inspection. If the house fails, do not fret. You will have the opportunity to correct any issues or contact another insurance company for a second opinion.

Common reasons your house may fail the 4-point inspection include:

  • Hot water heater is over 18 years old
  • Shingle roof is over 19 years old
  • Tile or metal roof is over 40 years old
  • No central heat and air system
  • Polybutylene plumbing is known for is high risk of plumbing bursts
  • Certain brands of electric panels known for their fire hazard risk are present (i.e. Federal Pacific, Zinsco, Challenger and Sylvania)

Our team of inspectors knows exactly what to look for when inspecting your house. Contact RH Associates today to schedule a 4-point inspection on your residential home or investment property.