Pre-Sale Inspections

What are pre-sale inspections?

Pre-Sale InspectionsIf you are close to putting your house on the market, gain peace of mind by hiring RH & Associates to complete a pre-sale inspection. Pre-sale inspections help you identify any potential issues that could derail a sale. Any problems or issues discovered by one of our exceptional inspectors can be resolved before buyers begin placing offers. Avoid time delays and additional expenses from a last-minute discovery of a roof, structural or additional problem by scheduling your pre-sale inspection with RH & Associates sooner than later.

Benefits to pre-sale inspections include:

  • Hands-On: You can be as hands-on as you would like during a pre-sale inspection. You can provide details on your equipment maintenance, dates of home improvement projects and explanations for the home’s current condition.
  • Time & Flexibility: Pre-sale inspections allow ample time to make any necessary repairs. You have more time to compare bids and quotes from contractors to ensure that you receive the best price and quality of work.
  • Accurate Pricing: With full knowledge of all of the issues in your house, agents can set a realistic price expectation. Better yet, based on the report, your agent may be able to substantiate a higher asking price for your home when it goes on the market.
  • Simple Negotiation: Both your selling agent and your buyer’s agent will have less to negotiate during the 11th
  • Full Disclosure: Reduce your liability by laying any and all potential issues on the table.
  • Stress Relief: The result of the pre-sale inspection can remove doubts the buyer may have and reduce the stress of negotiation for both you and your buyer.

Get your home or investment property ready for listing. Contact RH Associates today to schedule a pre-sale inspection, so you can confidently ask for your home’s true value. Our inspectors are ready to serve you!